Nespresso Blinking Orange Light After Descaling [SOLVED]

Nespresso Troubleshooting

Have you recently descaled the Nespresso machine you have, only to find a blinking orange light that doesn’t seem to go away? You’re not alone. Many users find themselves perplexed by this specific issue. But fear not, we’re here to unravel the mystery behind the Nespresso blinking orange light and guide you through the necessary steps to rectify this problem.

Blinking Orange Light On Nespresso Machine: What’s Causing It?

The orange indicator light on the Nespresso machine is a nifty little feature designed to alert you about different aspects of your machine’s operation. If it’s blinking following a descaling procedure, it could be due to a couple of reasons:

Descaling Process Not Completed Properly

The most common reason is an incomplete descaling procedure. Maybe you forgot a step, or there was an interruption in the process, and the machine didn’t register it as completed.

Nespresso Machine Has To Exit The Descaling Mode

Even if you’ve successfully completed the descaling, the Nespresso machine might still be in descaling mode. The blinking orange light in this case is a signal that your machine has to be reset and brought back to normal mode.

What Does The Blinking Orange Light Mean On Nespresso?

The blinking orange light is essentially the Nespresso machine’s way of communicating with you. It indicates that there’s something the machine needs or there’s something not quite right. In the context of descaling, it usually signals that the descaling procedure was not completed properly, or that the machine is still in descaling mode.

Fixing The Nespresso Flashing Orange Light After Descaling

Below, we’ve broken down the solutions to address the blinking orange light issue post descaling. Each solution comes with its own set of detailed instructions, so make sure to follow closely.

Completing The Descaling Process

The blinking orange light might be a sign that the descaling process was not completed successfully. Here’s how to ensure that you’ve finished descaling properly:

  1. Review the Descaling Instructions: Consult your Nespresso machine’s user manual or search for the descaling instructions online. Make sure to follow each step carefully.
  2. Perform the Descaling Process Again: It’s possible that your machine didn’t register the descaling process the first time around. We recommend giving it another shot. Take your time and follow each step as given in the manual.

Exiting The Descaling Mode

If you’re confident you completed the descaling process successfully but still see a blinking orange light, your machine might still be in descaling mode. Here’s how to exit:

  1. Review the User Manual: The process of exiting descaling mode can vary across different Nespresso machine models. Therefore, it’s crucial to refer to your specific machine’s user manual for accurate instructions.
  2. Typically, Exiting Descaling Mode: Often, you can exit descaling mode by pressing and holding certain buttons on your machine for a few seconds. For instance, in some models, you need to press and hold the large cup button until the machine light becomes steady.

Performing A Factory Reset

If the orange light is still blinking after ensuring the completion of the descaling process and exiting descaling mode, it may be time for a factory reset. Here’s how:

  1. Switch Off the Machine: Begin by turning off the Nespresso machine.
  2. Unplug: After switching off the machine, disconnect it from the power source. This step is essential to ensure safety and reset the internal systems of the machine.
  3. Wait: Allow the machine to rest for a few minutes. This brief period of inactivity allows the machine’s internal systems to reset.
  4. Switch On: After waiting, reconnect the power source and switch on the Nespresso machine. Observe whether the orange light is still blinking or if it has returned to normal.

Contacting Nespresso Support

If you’ve tried all of the above steps and the blinking orange light issue persists, it might be best to reach out to Nespresso Support. They have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and resolve more complex machine issues. You can reach them through their official website or the customer service hotline number provided in your user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nespresso machine light blinking orange even after descaling. Why?

When a  Nespresso machine is blinking orange light after descaling could indicate an incomplete descaling process or that your machine is still in descaling mode. Make sure you’ve thoroughly followed all the descaling steps and then properly exited the descaling mode.

What is the meaning of a blinking orange light mean on my Nespresso machine?

The blinking orange light on your Nespresso machine indicates that something needs attention. In the context of descaling, it usually means the descaling process wasn’t properly completed, or the machine is stuck in descaling mode.

How can I stop the Nespresso machine’s orange light from blinking after descaling?

To stop the blinking orange light, ensure you’ve fully completed the descaling process, exited the descaling mode, or if needed, performed a factory reset on your Nespresso machine. If the light still persists, it’s recommended to contact Nespresso Support for further assistance.

Can I still use my Nespresso machine if the orange light keeps blinking after descaling?

While the machine can still function with a blinking orange light, it’s better to address the issue promptly. The light indicates an issue that has to be fixed, which could affect your machine’s performance and lifespan if ignored.

How can I exit the descaling mode on my Nespresso machine?

You can typically exit the descaling mode when you press and hold certain buttons on your machine for a few seconds. However, the exact process can vary between different models, so it’s best to refer to your specific machine’s user manual for accurate instructions.


There you have it! With this step-by-step guide, you should be able to fix the Nespresso blinking orange light after descaling issue. It’s important to keep your machine clean and well-maintained to ensure it operates smoothly and continues to serve you the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Remember, if the issue persists despite following the above steps, it’s time to reach out to Nespresso support. They’re equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to assist you and ensure that the Nespresso machine is back to brewing your favorite beverages in no time.

So, don’t let that blinking orange light spoil your coffee time. With a little patience and troubleshooting, you’ll have it fixed in no time. Happy brewing!