Nespresso Red And Green Light After Descaling: How To Fix It

Like any sophisticated appliance, Nespresso coffee machines require regular maintenance, including descaling. But what does it mean when, after descaling, your Nespresso machine displays both red and green lights?

This guide will explain the reasons behind this and provide solutions to get your machine back to brewing your beloved coffee.

Why Is My Nespresso Showing Red and Green Light After Descaling?

The combination of red and green lights on your Nespresso machine typically indicates that the machine is in a specific mode or experiencing a particular issue.

This can happen after descaling for a few reasons:

  1. The descaling process has not been completed properly. This could be due to an interruption during the process or if the machine did not recognize the process as finished.
  2. Some Nespresso models require a reset after descaling to return to normal operation mode. The red and green lights might be indicating that this reset has not yet been performed.
  3. In some cases, these lights can indicate that the machine recognizes the descaling has been done but requires further action, such as rinsing or a specific sequence to exit the descaling mode.

Understanding the specific cause based on your Nespresso model manual is crucial, as each model may use light indicators differently.

How To Fix The Nespresso Red And Green Light Issue After Descaling

Fix the Nespresso red and green light after descaling

When your Nespresso machine flashes both red and green lights after descaling, it means that something isn’t quite right. While it might seem concerning at first, this issue is usually fixable with a few troubleshooting steps.

Let’s see how you can fix this issue.

Complete The Descaling Process Properly

Sometimes, the red and green lights indicate that the descaling process was incomplete or not recognized by the machine. To fix this you can repeat the Descaling cycle.

Make sure the water tank is filled with the descaling solution and water mix, then run the cycle again.

Follow through with the entire descaling process without interruption. This might include waiting for specific light sequences or running through multiple phases.

Perform A Machine Reset

If the descaling process was completed but the lights persist, a reset might be necessary.

Because there are so many different Nespresso coffee makers, to figure out how to reset your machine back to how it came when new, you should look in the instruction booklet that came with it or go to the Nespresso website at choose your model.

Find the manual that will instruct you how to reset your specific Nespresso model. The process can vary, involving holding down one or more buttons for a certain duration.

This step often clears any error states and tells the machine that maintenance tasks have been completed.

Exit Descaling Mode

After descaling, it is crucial to correctly exit the Descaling mode to return your Nespresso machine to normal operation.

Run A Water Cycle

Fill the water tank with fresh water and run a cycle without a coffee capsule to rinse out any residual descaling solution.

Exit Descaling Mode (Follow Model-Specific Instructions)

Some Nespresso machines require specific actions to exit descaling mode. This can include pressing certain buttons in sequence or together.

For some models, exiting descaling mode involves manually pressing a button and lever simultaneously for three seconds until you see a full green circle flash. This indicates the machine has exited the special mode.

After exiting the descaling mode, allow your machine to cool down for about 10 minutes before trying to brew coffee again. This makes sure the machine operates at its best temperature for coffee extraction.

Additional Tips

  • Always keep your Nespresso machine user manual handy for quick reference, especially for model-specific issues.
  • If you have tried these solutions and the red and green lights persist, contact Nespresso customer support.
  • To prevent issues, descale your Nespresso machine regularly. This will help maintain its performance but also ensure the best taste for your coffee.

By following these solutions, you should be able to resolve the Nespresso red and green light after descaling issue. Remember, the key to a well-functioning Nespresso machine is regular maintenance and prompt attention to any signals it provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Nespresso not working properly after descaling?

After descaling, your Nespresso machine might not work properly if the descaling process was incomplete or if the machine requires a reset. Make sure you have followed the descaling instructions specific to your model closely and perform a reset if necessary.

What does it mean when my Nespresso shows red and green lights after descaling?

The red and green lights on your Nespresso machine post-descaling typically indicate the machine is still in a Descaling mode or there is an issue needing resolution. This could be an incomplete descaling process, a need for a machine reset, or a prompt to exit descaling mode.

How can I reset my Nespresso machine after descaling?

To reset your Nespresso machine after descaling, consult your user manual for model-specific instructions. Generally, this involves pressing and holding certain buttons for a few seconds. A reset can help clear any errors and return the machine to its normal operational state.

Can descaling my Nespresso cause damage to the machine?

When done correctly using the recommended descaling solution and following the specific instructions for your Nespresso model, descaling should not cause damage to your machine. In fact, regular descaling is important for maintaining the machine’s health and ensuring the best coffee quality.

My Nespresso is leaking water after descaling. What should I do?

Water leakage after descaling can occur if the machine parts are not reassembled correctly or if there is a blockage. Make sure all the parts are securely fitted and run a water cycle without a capsule to check for improvements. If the issue persists, contact Nespresso customer support.

How often should I descale my Nespresso machine to avoid issues?

The frequency of descaling depends on your water hardness and how often you use the machine, but Nespresso generally recommends descaling every three to six months. Regular descaling helps prevent buildup that can lead to operational issues and affects coffee taste.

What should I do if my Nespresso machine doesn’t exit descaling mode?

If your Nespresso machine doesn’t exit descaling mode, try running a rinse cycle with fresh water and consult your model manual for specific exit instructions. Some machines require a button sequence to signal the end of descaling mode. If this doesn’t work, a reset might be necessary.


Seeing red and green lights on your Nespresso machine after descaling can be puzzling, but it is usually a signal that requires your attention. You should complete the descaling process, perform a reset, or follow specific instructions to exit the descaling mode.

By understanding what these lights mean and knowing how to address them, you can ensure your Nespresso continues to provide that perfect cup of coffee every morning. Remember, when in doubt, the user manual and Nespresso’s customer support are your best resources. Happy brewing!