Glossary of Coffee Machine Parts

Welcome to our Coffee Machine Glossary! Here, you’ll find explanations for various parts of a coffee machine, helping you to become more familiar with your beloved brewer.


  • Aroma Nozzle: A component that enhances the fragrance and flavor of the coffee by optimizing the flow of water through the coffee grounds.


  • Boiler: The heating element that heats the water to the appropriate temperature for brewing coffee or steaming milk.
  • Bean Hopper: A removable container on top of a coffee machine that holds coffee beans before they are ground.


  • Carafe: A glass or metal container where brewed coffee is held.
  • Control Panel: The interface on the coffee machine where you select your settings and preferences.


  • Drip Tray: A removable tray located under the dispenser to catch any excess coffee or water.


  • Espresso Basket: A metal filter basket used in espresso machines to hold the ground coffee.


  • Frother/Frothing Wand: A device used to aerate milk, creating foam for beverages like cappuccinos and lattes.


  • Grinder: A device, either separate or built into the coffee machine, that grinds coffee beans into grounds.


  • Heating Element: The part of the machine responsible for heating water.


  • Infuser: The part of the machine where coffee grounds are compressed and brewed.


  • Milk Container: A compartment or external container used to store milk for beverages that include milk.


  • Portafilter: A handle with a small cup basket that holds the ground coffee in an espresso machine.


  • Steam Arm/Wand: A tube delivering steam to froth milk.
  • Spout: The nozzle from which brewed coffee is dispensed into the cup.


  • Tamper: A tool used to evenly press coffee grounds into the espresso basket.
  • Thermoblock: A type of heating system in coffee machines, providing rapid heating.


  • Water Reservoir: The container where water is stored before brewing.